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  • Stretchy
  • Stylish


  • Low midriff coverage

I found the TLF apparel Blueprint Bra and Stealth Legging while searching for a camo print activewear set and I’ve kept my eye on the brand ever since. In my opinion, if you’re looking for affordable (they often have good sales) and gym-ready activewear, TLF Apparel is a great option!

Here’s my review of the TLF Apparel Aphrodite bra and Gaea 7/8 Legging.


  • Size: XS-XL
  • Fabric: 72% Polyester, 28% Elastane
  • Color: Black, Rock, Airforce Blue, Grey Ridge
  • Care: Machine wash cold, no tumble drying, no bleaching, no ironing
  • Price: $100

TLF apparel gym legging reviews

TLF Apparel Aphrodite Bra Review

The Aphrodite bra is a high-neck crisscross style sports bra designed for low impact activities. Although the bra is not padded, the 1.5″ wide underbust band and crisscross-style back design provide a decent amount of support.


I love the high-neck design of the Aphrodite bra buttt, the side hems are cut quite low so depending on your cup size, you may experience some boob spillage. Also, the open crisscross style back will help cool you off during your workouts.

TLF apparel legging reviews


For a low impact sports bra, the Aphrodite bra is great for your less amped gym days. The wide underbust band and thick straps make this bra supportive enough for slow controlled workouts with minimal bounce.

You should know that this TLF bra does not have removable padding, so there’s no extra layer of support and comfort for your girls.


TLF Apparel Gaea 7/8 Legging Review

The Gaea legging is a high rise 7/8 legging designed for low to high impact activities. The front of the waistband dips 2.5″ below the top of the 4.5″ wide waistband. Also, the top of the waistband is fitted with a thin elastic strip for a more secure hold during your workout sessions.

I love when leggings have gussets- they make the leggings fit more naturally- and these TLF Apparel leggings are designed with a triangular-shaped gusset for an increased range of motion.


TLF apparel clothing reviews


Although the Gaea legging is lightweight, the harsh-gym lighting is no match for these squatproof bottoms. Although, the thin legging fabric will cling to your body to show every bump and fold, which increases the likelihood of VPL (visible panty lines).

If you’ve seen any of my previous activewear reviews, you’ll find that panty lines and crotch sweat are the banes of my existence. You should opt for seamless underwear for your TLF Apparel Gaea leggings, but you might be better off going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines altogether.

Also, if you’re looking for more tummy coverage, the Gaea leggings are not your best pick. The curved waistband is super cute but will not give you that nice tummy hug you need during your sweat-sesh.


TLF apparel Gaea legging reviews


If you’re like me, you’re probably skeptical about how well the curved waistband holds up. There are two horizontal seams on the waistband to help keep the waistband secure, but they still fall down. Luckily, the waistband doesn’t roll (or I would have sent this right back) but the waistband definitely dips lower while you wear them so you may have to yank it up occasionally :/

 “Overall, the TLF Apparel Gaea legging and Aphrodite bra are good quality and could be your go-to pair for low intensity workout days. “

TLF apparel Aphrodite bra review

 TLF Apparel Sizing Review

For reference, I’m a 27″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), and 38″ hip, 5’8″ tall, 31″ inseam, and US clothing size 4. I bought the Aphrodite bra and Gaea legging in S according to the TLF Apparel size chart (see pictures below). Grab a tape measure and get your exact waist, hip and inseam measurements for the best fit.

The Gaea 7/8 legging has a 26″ long (for size small) and stretches out to hit 2″ above my ankle.

TLF Apparel Gaea Legging and Aphrodite Bra Sizing Tip:

I recommend going with the size chart for both bra and legging. Because of the wide ranges on the TLF Apparel size chart, there’s a good chance you won’t be in between legging sizes. But if you are, size up since this TLF legging (and most TLF Apparel activewear) is compressive!

Sincerely Active

Also, I didn’t feel like there was enough room to size down to an XS in these leggings, so I don’t recommend going a full size down from your true size!

TLF Apparel sports bra size chart

sincerely active: tlf apparel sizing

TLF apparel activewear reviews

What I loved

Here’s what I loved about the TLF Apparel Gaea legging and Aphrodite bra:

  1. Style

    This set is super stylish and perfect for athleisure wear!


What I’d Improve

A few downsides of this TLF Apparel set:

  1. Support

    I think adjustable straps and removable cups to make it more versatile for low to medium impact workouts. Adjustable straps = more lift and removable cups = more hold. Also, the curved waistband design would have worked out better if the legging had a higher rise- the waistband is only 4.5″ wide and dips well below your belly button.

TLF apparel sportswear reviews

Should You Buy This TLF Apparel Set?

  • Good for low impact activities.
  • Great for weight-lifting, running errands, and lounging.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Great for the active gal on a budget (Look for a TLF Apparel coupon code online or keep an eye on their site for sales)

How To Care For Your TLF Apparel Activewear?

Avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features. Instead, wash your TLF Apparel leggings and sports bra in cold water, and use a drying rack. Also, avoid using fabric softener since it can seal the fabric, causing the fabric to become less breathable.

Remember to air out your workout clothes before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric. Follow these steps to keep your activewear in pristine condition!


Where To Get TLF Apparel

You can find the TLF Apparel Aphrodite bra and Gaea 7/8 legging on the brand’s website and on other online retail stores:

1. EvolveFitWear

2. Second To Naked

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I found the TLF apparel Blueprint Bra and Stealth Legging while searching for a camo print activewear set and I've kept my eye on the brand ever since. In my opinion, if you're looking for affordable (they often have good sales) and gym-ready activewear, TLF Apparel...

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