Lululemon Fast And Free Legging


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  • Squatproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Stylish
  • Adjustable waistband


  • Super thin fabric

I found out about the Fast and Free tights on the Lululemon subreddit. Someone had a question about the best Lulu leggings for running and this was the majority’s answer.

Lemme just say I LOVE this subreddit: they answer any questions; they are non-judgemental- their No.1 rule is “No bullying or body shaming”; and they have great tips for getting good deals on Lululemon activewear.

So if you’re thinking about investing in your first pair of Lululemon leggings, or just checking out what’s new from the brand, here’s my review of the Lululemon Fast and Free Tight to help you decide or keep you in the loop!

Lululemon Fast and free 28


Details: Lululemon Fast And Free Tights

  • Size: XXS- XXL
  • Fabric: Nulux® 84% nylon,16% lycra
  • Care: Wash with like colors, Machine wash cold, tumble dry low, no bleaching, no ironing, no dry cleaning
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, Quick-drying
  • Price: $128


Lululemon Fast And Free Tights Review

The Fast and Free tight is a high rise low compression legging designed for low to high impact activities, particularly running. These Lululemon running leggings are made from the brand’s signature  NULUX™ fabric -a “cool, sleek, quick-drying” designed for running and training- and come in three lengths: 25″, 28″, and 31″.

Lululemon fast and free Nulux tight review

Lululemon fast and free Nulux legging review


The Fast and Free Incognito Camo Multi Grey legging is printed- the camo print is on the outside while the wrong side is plain grey-colored fabric. Also, the fabric is super thin (think thinner than a credit card) and super lightweight as well, which gives the legging a barely-there feel. 

The thin fabric means that these leggings are quick drying so if you’re prone to sweating through your leggings, the Fast and Free tights are a great choice.

Lululemon fast and free legging review


The Fast and Free tights have a light compression fit, but you can size down for a more compressive feel. The waistband is double-faced for more support but the real game-changer is the hidden drawstring.

Without the drawcord, the waistband is still supportive and secure, but when you’re out on a run with a huge iPhone stuffed in one side pocket, keys, and earphone case in the other, the drawcord is a lifesaver! 

Lululemon fast and free 25


Although the fabric is thin, this Fast and Free tight is 100% squatproof- thanks to the camouflage print. But the fabric sheers out easily when stretched, so I recommend getting your true size in the lighter colors.

If you love leggings with pockets, then the Fast and Free tights will definitely hit the spot for you. These leggings have 5 pockets that will literally hold your whole life: 2 angled pockets on the side, two on either side of the waistband, and one back pocket.

Lululemon fast and free review

If you’ve seen any of my previous activewear reviews, you’ll find that panty lines and crotch sweat are the banes of my existence. Luckily, the camo print hides panty lines well but you can opt for seamless underwear too. Also, the Fast and Frees have a gusset to place a panty liner on so you can try going commando in your leggings to avoid panty lines altogether.

Lululemon fast and free 28


The Fast and Free tights are very well made: the seams are well placed; the seam finishes are clean, and there are no loose or pulled threads.

Lululemon Fast and free legging review

“Overall, the Fast and Free Tights are a great light-weight, low compression option for any kind of workout”

 Lululemon Fast and Free Tight Sizing Review

For reference, I’m a 27″ waist, 32″ bust (DD cup), 38″ hip, 5’8″ tall, and US clothing size 4. I’m a size 6/S according to the Lululemon size chart so I bought the Fast and Free tights in the same size and they fit perfectly.

If you’re in between legging sizes, go with a size on the chart that’s within one or two inches of your true hip and waist measurements.

Luluemon legging Sizing Tip:

“The Fast and Free Tights fit true to size so I recommend going with the size chart. They also have a low compression fit and high lycra content so you’ll be safe sizing down in these leggings. But be careful because the thin fabric sheers easily.”

Sincerely Active

best Lululemon tight for running review

What I loved

Here’s what I loved about the Lululemon Fast and Free Tight:

Style & Fit:

The camo print is gorgeous and the fit is literally perfect. The leggings will form to your body without squeezing the life out of you. I also love that I can control the tightness with the drawcord. Just remember not to tie the cord too tight.

What I’d Improve

One downside of the Lululemon Fast and Free Tight:


The fabric is way too thin that it makes me wonder why it costs $128 and also makes me want to go up to the store and ask for the rest of the fabric.

Lululemon Fast and free tight in Nulux review

Should You Buy The Lululemon Fast and Free Tight?

  • Perfect for low to high impact activities.
  • Great for running, weight-lifting, yoga, and lounging.
  • Perfect for athleisure styling.
  • Not for the active girl on a budget. See other affordable activewear brands.

“The price is definitely a barrier which is why I recommend other less expensive similar Lululemon leggings like the Time to Sweat

Lululemon jacket review

How To Care For Your Lululemon Fast and Free Tight

Avoid excess heat from washing in hot water, tumble-drying, or ironing as this can affect the strength of the fibers and degrade the fabric features.

Instead, wash your leggings in cold water, and use a drying rack. Also, avoid using fabric softener since it can seal the fabric, causing the fabric to lose its breathability. I prefer to hand wash mu Lululemon leggings. That’s the main way I was able to keep my Lululemon Aligns last for a long while.

Place your leggings in a mesh bag before throwing them in the washer. This will ensure that the thin fabric doesn’t get snagged by parts from other clothing.

Remember to air out your workout clothes before your next laundry day to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your lavish Nulux fabric. Follow these steps to keep your Lululemon activewear in pristine condition!


Lululemon fast and free tight review

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