Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging & Paloma Bra






True to Size





  • Sustainable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Compressive


  • No bust support
  • Not breathable

In 2016, Girlfriend Collective was created by Ellie & Quang Dinh, a couple with a passion for eco-friendly fashion.

Did you know that “About 10% of the estimated 14 billion pounds of trash discarded in the ocean annually is made up of abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear”?

I didn’t until I heard about Girlfriend Collective, the sustainable activewear brand that makes their leggings out of used fishing gear and plastic bottles from the ocean.

On the Girlfriend Collective website, they go into detail about the manufacturing process, from procuring the used plastic from the ocean to producing the fabric.

Slow-fashion is their thing- meaning they don’t churn out an excessive amount of clothing to stock rather, they make a limited amount to prevent unnecessary waste.

Also, Girlfriend Collective is as dedicated to inclusivity as they are to sustainability.On their website, you’ll find all sizes from XXS to 6XL in stock, none of that “one size fits all”!

The best part is, they don’t just preach the idea of being inclusive, but they live it showing models of different shapes and sizes on their website and Instagram. See other inclusive women’s activewear brands here!

I waited three months to get my hands on this Girlfriend Collective legging and sports bra set, and I snagged them so fast after they restocked. Of course, the entire collection was out of stock a few days later!

My favorite Girlfriend piece right now- and probably the best thing I’ve bought this year- is the unitard. It holds you in all the right places and fits like it was made just for me!

Girlfriend Collective Review: The Unitard

If you've ever been interested in buying an exercise jumpsuit, the logistics of working out in one...

So should you snag yourself some Girlfriend Collective activewear? Here’s my review of the highly coveted Girlfriend Collective Paloma bra and Compressive high-rise leggings to help you decide!

Girlfriend collective activewear


Details: Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra and Compressive Leggings

Size: XXS-6XL
Colors: Plum, Black, Moss, Periwinkle, the list goes on and on
Fabric: 79% RPET and 21% spandex
Features: Moisture-wicking, Compression
Care: Machine wash cold, line dry flat
Price: $$


The Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra

The Girlfriend Collective Paloma bra is a scoop neck racerback style sports bra designed for low to high impact activities. The fabric is made from a type of plastic called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is recycled and called RPET.

Also, the Paloma sports bra is non-adjustable with no paddings and has a wide elastic under-band.

The Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Compressive Legging

I purchased this Girlfriend Collective Compressive legging with a 28.5″ inseam for a full-length fit. The wide waistband is double-layered for extra mid-section support.

Fabric & Fit

FYI, this fabric is high-compression which makes it perfect for weight-lifting at the gym, but not so flexible for yoga. Also, brace yourself for the struggle of getting into these leggings, although once they’re on, they feel good.


The super-wide waistband is extra compressive and will hug your tummy but without pinching your sides or digging into your midsection.

Oh, and POCKET! There is a pocket on the backside of the waistband, and it can fit one or two cards.


Squatproof? Yep! The opaque plum color and thick RPET fabric mean that these leggings will hide your booty from the world. The downside to the thickness is that they’re less breathable, so this is may not be your go-to summer workout legging. Nonetheless, they’re great for a summer athleisure look!

Girlfriend leggings review

Girlfriend Legging Review

Girlfriend Collective Sizing Review

 For reference, I’m a 26″ waist, 38″ hips, 32″ bust, 5’8 tall, US size 4. I usually go with a size that’s within 2″ of my waist and hip measurement, so I got both the leggings and bra in size S.

To be honest, the first time I tried to put on my Girlfriend Compressive leggings, I wasn’t sure they would fit! The Compressive lives up to its name, so size down with caution.

I strongly recommend going with the Girlfriend Collective size chart, so grab a tape measure and get your stats! 

Girlfriend Collective Compressive Leggings Sizing Tip:
If you’re in between bottom sizes, size up. These leggings are really compressive and are not so flexible that you can size down comfortably.

Girlfriend collective leggings size review

Girlfriend Collective Leggings Sizing Review

For example, if you’re a 31″ waist and 42″ hip, Size L would be a safer option than M.

Girlfriend collective bra sizing review

Girlfriend Collective Sports Bra Sizing Review


What I Loved


Minimal Design: My favorite thing about this Girlfriend Collective set is its simplicity. The quality of their activewear speaks for itself! Although I’m a big fan of fun printed fabrics, I love how the brand maintains its commitment to sustainability by shying away from designs that usually require more synthetic materials.

Comfort: While this RPET performance fabric  is not particularly soft to touch, this set is still “wear-all-day” comfortable. Also, this racerback sports bra does not give me backaches, unlike many racerback style sports bras I’ve tried. No pinching, chafing, or any pesky problems that disturb your comfort! 

What I’d Improve

Support: As I mentioned, I appreciate the minimal bra design, however, some sort of fastener or adjustable strap is necessary (at least for me). The longline cut and no padding design mean minimal lift and support.

Fit: I prefer the sleek look and feel of a seamless waistband, unfortunately, the Compressive leggings are not designed that way. Also, I’m not a fan of the straight waistband seams since they make my hips look a bit boxy.


The Girlfriend collective review

How I Felt

I love how compressive these leggings are. It feels like I’m getting a tight hug from Mother Nature! Also, the Girlfriend Collective brand has built such a strong community that I feel like part of a movement in their activewear.

How To Care For Your Girlfriend Collective Activewear

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, then you know what I’m about to say. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, please! The fabric is sturdy enough to machine wash so I won’t lecture you on the importance of handwashing your activewear.

Machine wash your activewear cold at 30C and dry flat on a rack. Avoid using fabric softeners while washing your Girlfriend Collective activewear and wash them with like colors.

Remember to air-dry your Girlfriend Collective Compressive set after your sweat-sesh to prevent the odor-causing bacteria from ruining your activewear fabric.

A lot of work has been put into creating this sustainable activewear, so follow these steps to take good care of your earth-friendly workout clothes.

Girlfriend leggings reviews

Should You Buy The Girlfriend Collective Compressive Legging & Paloma Bra?

Absolutely! As someone trying to be more intentional about where I spend my money, Girlfriend Collective is on my A list. Socially active, environmentally conscious, and always coming through with discounts, there are many reasons to love GC.

The Girlfriend Collective Compressive legging and Paloma bra are…

  • Perfect for weight-lifting, hiking, lounging, etc.
  • Great for low to medium impact activities. The Compressive legging can support you through any high-intensity workout, but you may need more bust support than the Paloma bra can offer.
  • Good for anyone not trying to break the bank for quality ethical workout clothes. The Paloma bra costs $38 while the Compressive legging costs $68. I did, however, get both items at a discounted price of $90 because it was recycling day!
  • Perfect for athleisure styling. Pair with a cardigan and sneakers for a cute casual look.

Girlfriend Paloma bra review

Where To Get Girlfriend Collective

You can find the Compressive High-Rise leggings and Paloma bra on the sustainable brand’s website. You can also shop Girlfriend Collective online at:

Follow the Girlfriend Collective brand (@girlfriend) on Instagram to stay up to date on their new releases.

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