If you’ve hung around Instagram lately, then you know that booty-building is quite the lucrative business. Cue in BootySprout, the new glute-training equipment designed to make your workout safe, fun, and convenient. But make no mistake, you’re in for an intense workout with this game-changing machine.

Sincerely Active| What is BootySprout?

I am yet to try the BootySprout. So far, this machine checks some marks of a successful fitness product.

The BootySprout:

  1. Solves a specific problem
  2. Is easy to use
  3. Is safe (if used correctly)

BootySprout Benefits

If you’ve tried doing the traditional hip thrusts with a bench and barbell, then you know the struggle of maintaining your balance on the bench while holding the barbell and controlling your movement!

The BootySprout helps your balance by providing a comfortable backrest wide enough to rest your arms. Also, the resistance bands help you build strength in your glutes while allowing you to concentrate on your movement.

But before we get too excited, let’s dig into the details of this hot new exercise machine.

BootySprout 101

BootySprout has been tested to 1000 lbs of resistance, with a safe use rating of 450 lbs.


This means that the machine is quite sturdy and can hold a LOT of weight without breaking.

The height of BootySprout’s foam back support is 14 inches… Most flat benches are 16-17 inches in height and are too high for most users when performing barbell hip thrusts.


The back support is at a height that’s suitable for most users.

BootySprout comes with 135 lbs of resistance. We also sell both 45 lb and 70 lb resistance bands.

Sincerely Active| how to use BootySprout?

Unless you’re naturally endowed, you’ll need to lift a ton of weights to get an Instagram booty. But can the cushy resistance bands give you the same results as having actual iron on your thighs? HELLZ YEAH!

While you build strength with barbells by fighting gravity, you can also do the same by working against the elastic force of resistance bands.

I like that the resistance band is super-padded for comfort, and you don’t have to worry about scraping a barbell against your buttery-soft leggings.

 The BootySprout comes with:

  • 1 machine with NBR foam backrest
  • 3 resistance bands (~45 lbs each)
  • 1 neoprene sleeve

Should You Try The BootySprout?

  1. Price: This machine costs $164, which is a decent price for a mechanical fitness machine. You can look out for holiday sales on the BootySprout website or subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated.
  2. Function: I can’t do a barbell hip thrust to save my life, and this machine is a great solution! However, I’d prefer it if it was versatile enough to be used for other kinds of glute exercise.
  3. Storage: If you’re living space is on the smaller side, storing your BootySprout might be an issue. The machine does not require assembly, so I don’t think it can be dismantled for storage.

This machine is designed specifically for hip thrusts, so using this equipment for other workouts is not recommended.

Some BootySprout workouts to try:

  • Single-leg hip thrusts
  • Hip thrust with hip abduction (place an extra resistance band around knees)
  • Hip thrust with sumo ball squeeze

Of course, as with any other fitness equipment, make sure to read and follow the instructions on the user manual to build the booty of your dream!. See how to use the machine to get BootySprout results.